i love a little sensitivity and logic in everyone

okay see…i say one day that my thoughts on a subject are expanding.

and then the next day.


they shrink back to where they came from.

this is mostly just a stream of consciousness post. but in a time when words have a tough time finding letters with which to compose themselves.

babbling will have to suffice.

i’ve been mildy obsessed with feminism.

and i’m using that term lightly.

i’ve been thinking about how i see myself as a female entity. and how others see women in general.

how do we expect to be treated? how do people expect to treat us? men. women. both.

what is the line between chivalry and misogyny?

and how do we expect the people we’re romantically involved with to treat us?

does that question inherently relate to our gender roles?

in a woman-man relationship, does there need to be a feminine-masculine role respectively?

in such a situation, does the man need to feel undermined if the roles are reversed? if the woman is more inherently dominant than the man?

as a mildy aggressive female, this is something that i have faced a few times. and i never know if i should feel at fault for seemingly steamrolling my male counterparts.

but then again. is there fault in intimidation?

there isn’t room for intimidation relationships of course…it only creates resentment and contempt.

but. hmm.

i don’t know.

i don’t know where this brings us.

in a society that declares assertive women unnatural though, i don’t see where we can really go.

and that’s what our culture has done.

we force people to pick a gender. and with that choice, you are able to act in such a way.

dominance is associated with men. and care with females.

and in making this step, we strip away the ability for men to be sensitive and women to be logical.

and personally. i love a little sensitivity and logic in everyone i associate with.

but this hasn’t been ingrained in the culture of masculinity or that of femininity.

i don’t appreciate the binary aspect of this conundrum.


this is where my thoughts have to end for the moment


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