how dare your world

of certainty

erupt my world

of melody as

your knowledge

of flawed silence

curls around my words as

 the paint of reality

begins to slowly drip

through our evertwined

intervention as

i barely taste

your homemade excuses

and your look of apathy as

i think [therefore]

you’ve misunderstood

what these syllables

urge to spell as

your fixation

upon yourself

implies your sickened vanity as

i scribble

every moment. look. and desperation.


with your heartsoaked


of an everlasting



of the world

of my words.


you say nothing

as you flee.


the beautiful potential i never saw.

i cant see

behind your intoxicated nature

and your drunken smile

as you bleed transparency

and blink those empty eyes

i had longed to know.

i can’t find

but a thread of your soul

and the sliver of your heart

keeping you alive.

and yet.

i miss the laugh i never heard

[as the world you lost

keeps burying

everything you could possibly be]

as the slurred words i only slightly understood

seep through the crack in your all but hollow self

 letting through the lonely tears of humanity

that have all but bled dry

i yearn.

to throw paint at your blank fate

to ignore the brokenheartedreality


the beautiful potential i never saw.

and as i remember the moments never had

miss the self i never met

and the future never reflected in our passing

i remember:

you’re not my canvas

but with your heart so far away

you’ve ceased

to be your own.

and yet…

…and yet

as i watch you

squeeze your eyes together.

hoping your heart won’t betray

you. by dripping to the floor

at my feet.

i feel like breaking inside.

our whole everything

 reduced to this moment.

as your sadness.

combined with my own.

threatens to drown the world.

i realize:

i’m sorry.

i can’t be your juxtaposition.