the beautiful potential i never saw.

i cant see

behind your intoxicated nature

and your drunken smile

as you bleed transparency

and blink those empty eyes

i had longed to know.

i can’t find

but a thread of your soul

and the sliver of your heart

keeping you alive.

and yet.

i miss the laugh i never heard

[as the world you lost

keeps burying

everything you could possibly be]

as the slurred words i only slightly understood

seep through the crack in your all but hollow self

 letting through the lonely tears of humanity

that have all but bled dry

i yearn.

to throw paint at your blank fate

to ignore the brokenheartedreality


the beautiful potential i never saw.

and as i remember the moments never had

miss the self i never met

and the future never reflected in our passing

i remember:

you’re not my canvas

but with your heart so far away

you’ve ceased

to be your own.


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