as i bled the colors

perfection has graced me

through moments of disappointment


and inevitable desperation.

you were standing in front of me.

my heart was aching.

and the steps you took toward me

contorted an ever encompassing

ever existing


my world was soaked in brown.

and through unfulfilled promises: it was later engulfed in blue.

an ocean worthy blue that drenched

everything you touched.

every word i thought echoed my desire for those moments to survive

right through to the approaching end.


perfection as it stood, bore a similar resemblance to a misery

that captured every possible secret of reality.

it brought me to my knees with a tear soaked reverence.

and i drank nothing but the perfect misery that you perspired

this far into

my memories.

perfection in those tortured seconds

imprinted upon me

that look.

the one that attempts to bridge the abyss

keeping our hearts apart.

words stumbled. the world had stopped

and perfection pushed my sanity into the cavity

your brown. your blue.

had carved into my everything.

my anything.

the sound of your steps.

the whisper of your promises.

and as i bled the colors that were drowning my world.

perfection was engraved

into my understanding of eternity.


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