you’d think that symmetry wouldn’t be so hard to find

my carelessness artfully constructs

the forgetful moments

that transform time into such a beautiful

trivial, emptied



it remains

 undoubtably refined).

i’ve captured the dirty colors of each heartbeat

circulating the much appreciate blues and oxidized reds.

i’ve swished and remembered

the scents of each mouth

i’ve curiously stumbled upon

in an effort to bite

the world’s must



but my towers of beautiful ether

are crumbling

with this slightest touch

of irrevocable hope

 such a noun

is easy to disturb

as the word is paired

with disappointment.

but each sip of your voice

feels more perfect than any other


and i’m cemented.

i can’t escape from

this air of perhaps

of the maybes

that each syllable is searching for.

in a world built to mirrored itself

you’d think that symmetry

wouldn’t be

so hard to find

but as each step taken to my left

echos each small whisper

the branches and the leaves have been uttering

the ants and the stars have been mumbling

the sky and the dirt have been moaning

i can’t help but realize the misaligned nature

of everything else

compared to your melodious



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